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Short on length (comes to your hip) but loooong on cuddles! This original design has deep pockets so you can really give yourself a hug.
BBB Short
A larger sized short gilet. Fits 12-16
Fits men and women! In a longer style with a generous wrap and deep pockets, this classic style is the height of fashion coziness!
Have you ever hopped around a field in England FREEZING to bits? Well this is the coat for you!
Our New Kiddie range. Brighter colours, soft fabrics!


We source our quality faux fur fabrics from around the world and some of them are very rare, so we may have only limited stocks of some items. When they're gone, they're gone! Our garments are fleece lined and 100% machine-washable (at 30º!) … and no leopards or bunnies were harmed in their creation!